The Fear of Writing Badly

Recently I had a little discussion on the subject of writing with someone who possessed great imagination but very little self-confidence in his writing ability.

I had to remind him that the whole concept of ‘ability’ comes from the phrase ‘being able.’ Not only are we very able to sit down and write but we have tons of advice and online resources at our disposal.

The entire writing journey, once you overcome your fear of what you can or cannot produce, is a very wonderful and enlightening experience and so I told this gentleman to ‘still his mind’ whenever he recognised any negative thoughts emerging about writing.

My instructions to him were, once a week for just fifteen minutes (timed if necessary) he must sit down at his computer and write a few paragraphs of a writing prompt. Fifteen minutes in a week is not a lot of writing time and an achievable enough task for any busy person, but the whole challenge for him won’t be the actual writing itself, (because I know that he will do very well,) but in reducing those negative thoughts which have so far stopped him from doing it.

I look forward to seeing his results and hope that my words will help him to push past his barrier.

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