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Publishing Questions and Answers

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Having worked in the writing/publishing world for more than ten years, I have noticed massive changes in the way publishing works for both independent and traditionally published authors. After a successful five year indie book campaign, I negotiated a deal with a UK publisher which gave me further insight into this elusive business. But often for new writers, the area… Read more »

Keeping Track of Your Storyline

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I regularly like to post helpful advice for writers. Here’s a tip I thought of sharing today as I get stuck into the second draft of my fourth novel. I find this method of keeping track of my FIRST draft really useful. It may not work for you but may work for those of us who can only function when… Read more »

The Whitechapel Virgin – Chapter 2

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Chapter One can be found here. TWO Catherine Bell hesitated at the tavern doorway. Despite her uneasiness at the sight before her she stood still, watching, for she was tired and the hunger pawed at her belly. After having packed only the lightest case earlier that morning bearing the few worldly items she possessed, she spent the entire day desperately… Read more »

6 Ways To Re-Boot kindle Sales

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Just like any author out there I need to work pretty hard to keep sales of my books above the poverty line, and let me tell you that it’s a tough roller-coaster ride for both authors and publishers. Even though I believe that Amazon’s KDP service is a great little platform for self-published authors to get their books out into… Read more »

How You Can Earn Money on Amazon’s KENP

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I’ve been partnered with KDP for several years now and closely followed every piece of data, chart and method they provide. One of the questions I am often asked is: “How beneficial is KENP on Amazon, and how do you actually earn money from it?” In this post I’ll explain just how you can benefit from the feature. You need… Read more »

The Whitechapel Virgin – Chapter 1

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  ONE The gentleman looked down at the young girl who had tripped before him and lay sprawled on the ground with one thigh exposed. ‘Young miss, are you all right?’ She glanced up at the dark-clothed stranger apprehensively, before taking hold of the black-gloved hand he offered her in assistance. ‘Thank you kind sir,’ she replied, rising to her… Read more »

The ‘HOT 51’ Novel-Editing Checklist

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It’s easy to make mistakes in your draft and these can be anything from a few small typos to massively insane story or plot blunders. Some are even forgiveable or overlooked when hidden within an absorbing story, but one thing all writers want is a final draft that is admirable and clearly up to scratch. However, some errors can become… Read more »

A Chapter a Week Initiative

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I have decided to take part in a new initiative and post a free chapter read a week of one of my novels. In doing this I am inviting more readers to connect with my books whilst offering something for free. I’ll be posting successive chapters every Monday morning (GMT)  starting with Monday 26th March 2018, here on my website… Read more »

Things Professional Editors Won’t Tell You

You’ve finished your book and you’re ready to self-publish it. Are you sure that the layout is up to a reasonably professional standard? I mean really sure? Did you know that you NEVER indent the first paragraph of a chapter? “Professionally printed material typically does not indent the first paragraph, but indents those that follow.” Well, that one tiny detail, (plus quite a few others)… Read more »

The Decision to Self-Publish Your Book

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When I was deciding whether or not to self-publish my book, I searched high and low for a definitive answer to my question. I kept asking people if it was the right thing to do. The replies I generally received were, ‘We can’t answer that because we really don’t know. It’s your book. It’s totally up to you.’ The only people… Read more »