The third installment of my series of writing guides is entitled ‘Inspire me with Characterisation.’ The booklet is available for download on PC, mobile, or other e-book reading devices. Just click on the link below.

Targeted mainly for beginners, it will however enhance any writer’s desire to develop a character’s personality, motivations, habits, desires and fears, making them come alive within a fictional realm.

Introductory Quote:

“One of the most interesting aspects of fiction writing, in my opinion, is characterisation. Most of us think we are all fairly individual in character, but in truth, you will find many characters with resembling mannerisms, motivations, goals as well as personality traits. So what makes a unique and great character stand out in fiction?

The answer to that question is fairly simple, you need to create a realistic character that will live on in your reader’s mind long after they have finished reading the last chapter of your book. In many ways your character should be larger than life, colourful, strong and be able to cope with some of the exceptional difficulties life will hurl at them. Most importantly they must be believable.

Some of the topics also covered in this booklet are:

Stereotyping, showing versus telling, relationships, making characters believable, character development, character profiling. There are also plenty of imaginative story prompts inside to help fire up the imagination and get you writing straight away.

Retail Outlets – Each of these booklets can be downloaded independently for as little as $1.99 at, ($2.99) outside the USA. (1.29 UK store) and the Euro equivalent in Amazon’s .DE .IT .FR (German, Italy, French) stores. The books are also part of Amazon’s KDP Select library lending scheme.

The first two booklets in the series are:

Booklet 1 – Inspire me to Get Writing – Carla Acheson

An essential writing guide packed with inspiration, motivation, tips, ideas, techniques, creative writing examples, exercises and original short story prompts. It is everything you need to become inspired and begin your journey into writing for profit or pleasure. Digest essential core skills necessary for a writer to succeed, an area many other writing books tend to ignore. This booklet highlights common problems all new writers face which prevent them from achieving their goals and offers concrete solutions.





Booklet 2 – Inspire me with Writing Ideas – Carla Acheson

This second guide in the series focuses on sourcing great ideas for both the fiction and non fiction writer in a jargon free, easy to understand approach. Some of the topics covered include basic publishing rights,ideas for the freelance market, brainstorming ideas, combating writers block, and writing about what you know, amongst many. The latter third of the book offers fun and original writing exercises as well as story starting prompts that will have you, the writer, eager to begin.




Amazon Reviews

A little gem July 18, 2011

“I was looking for inspiration to start a new story and this little gem of a booklet did it for me. It really does do what it says and I do identify with it. It’s down to earth and simple; a really good buy in my opinion. I will definitly be buying the others in the series.”
 Advice which works! 18 July 2011

“Like most people, I have come to writing as a recreation which requires learning. But when it comes to essential writing reference books, they always seem to overwhelm with information. Staggering that information into a series of practical steps is brilliant! Carla writes with the knowledge of an insider who continues to learn. A must have, for anyone along the same journey.”