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The Victorians and Sex

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VICTORIAN people appeared to have a strange attitude towards sex. Despite being highly fascinated by the subject, they were reported to be frigid and factually ignorant on the matter too. Throughout history, and not just in the Victorian era, sex has always been used as a powerful tool to oppress and control society. “Lie back and think of England,” is… Read more »

The Whitechapel Virgin – In the Spotlight with Ripper Experts

Whilst most people have heard of Jack the Ripper, how many truly know his victims? And to what degree are they remembered as humans, mothers, or were they nothing more than just displaced members of London’s 18th century largely critical and class-obsessed society? In The Whitechapel Virgin, the prostitutes are given a voice, and as can be expected it’s a terribly… Read more »

Goodreads Giveaway – The Whitechapel Virgin

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The very popular book site is hosting a ‘giveaway’ of The Whitechapel Virgin. To enter all you need to do is click on the ‘Enter’ button and add your delivery details. The contest runs for a month so you can enter anytime up to June 20th when Goodreads will pick one winner, the competition ends, and they will receive a free… Read more »

Fifty Shades of Victorian London

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Dear Reader,  Welcome to Fifty Shades of Victorian London, where philanderers, drunkards and the very dredges of human society reside. Wrap up well for the air is cold, and follow me as we first step foot inside Whitechapel, where there exist more slums, brothels and pubs than you will find in any other city. Remember dear reader, when entering here you will… Read more »

The Whitechapel Virgin

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Joyously I reveal the news that my second novel ‘The Whitechapel Virgin’ will be published this coming January 2014. After the resounding popularity and rave reviews of my first novel ‘The Last Gift’ set in the late 19th Century, how could I not further explore life in the same era of existence? Whilst The Last Gift was set in the slums… Read more »