Happiness, Tears and New Ideas

Well, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster this past week. I returned to Gibraltar to visit family and friends only to find myself giggling one moment and crying the next, and so I’ve learned that it’s completely and humanly possible to be happy and sad at the exact same time. Suffice to say, I have returned to Edinburgh with a real need to feed my soul a little tenderness and love.

When it came to questions about my latest writing project, I found it difficult to offer much other than, it’s not historical, which  elicited some shocked expressions plus a few raised eyebrows. In truth, I expected that kind of response. It’s quite common to be pigeonholed into a particular ‘genre bracket’ whether it be historical, romance or thriller. Look at poor Ms Rowling having to write a detective thriller under the pen name of  Robert Galbraith, and yet still… some readers are unforgiving. 

I used to have very mixed views about whether an author known for one particular genre should indulge in another, but I also know that the internal creativity tap does not flow into one story, century, or plot idea, alone. I absolutely believe that if you can create a good story in one genre you are just as capable in another. The talent is in the execution of it. 

So, it’s definitely going to be a little more challenging to write a contemporary novel, (which is ironic because historical books require so much more in terms of research,) but alas, I’m testing new waters, developing different cultural ideas aside from those which are distinctively “Victorian,” and… demanding a little faith from my current readers!

But bear with me dear friends – nothing ventured, nothing gained. What I do know is that my story will still have my style, my voice. And what I need to possess the most I always seem to have within me – inner confidence.

It’s time to get on with it.

I’ll  be back soon with more news, and I wish you all a great end to the summer!


One thought on “Happiness, Tears and New Ideas

  1. Yes, going back, returning – can be like that. What can I offer except empathy, and the words of Joni Mitchell, “laughing and crying You know it’s the same release”.

    But this is the good writers trait, mixing their own emotions with those of their characters, and their questions about life, love, whatever.

    Regards your latest novel, I can’t wait for its release, and contemporary fiction is fine by me. I think there are only two genres of books, Good ones and Bad ones.

    I’m looking forward to your next.

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