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Amazon Academy Helping Independent Authors

                    An event to help authors discover and/or improve their careers in the book publishing world was held yesterday at the International Conference Centre in Edinburgh. The first half of the morning was applied to the projection of KDP images on to a screen for the benefit for those who may not… Read more »

Kindle or Traditional Book?

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I really cannot imagine a life without paperbook or hardback books. I mean the type that have a freshly printed smell, differing thicknesses and textures, inner pages you can bend inside out, dog ear, or throw the whole thing behind the bed (without an error message). You can use books to balance your coffee mug, write a quick phone number on the inner cover, or help support… Read more »

Is Self-publishing Self-indulgent?

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Normally when somebody asks me if they should self-publish their book, I find it difficult to respond. There are so many different levels of ‘self-publishing,’ ultimately it is a personal choice. In self-publishing, you would have to take on the full responsibility of marketing your book, and lets face it there is nothing more draining than self-promotion. My own views… Read more »