7 Tips to Writing Great Historical Fiction.

Are you considering writing a book set in the past? Maybe you’re already writing one and looking for a few tips.

Choosing to write a book within a historical period of time can feel daunting and is definitely not an easy task. There will be a lot of research to get through, and knowing how to correctly balance accuracy with your own fictional tale can be confusing.  Continue reading “7 Tips to Writing Great Historical Fiction.”

Bring Your Character To Life In Fiction Writing

When you think about a person in your mind you can visualise the way they look as well as recognise the subtle traits in  their personality, attitude and outlook. You can imagine everything  which makes up the whole sum of a person.

In fiction we are told not to describe a person’s hair, eye colour, etc, simply because it’s no longer fashionable to go into such direct detail. Fiction has over the years transformed reader’s tastes and we have learned that we don’t actually need to know the smaller  details in order to engage with and get to really know a character. Continue reading “Bring Your Character To Life In Fiction Writing”

5 Tips on Planning Your Novel

There are many ways you can think about structuring your novel, the least of all your worries are how many actual words you should or should not be typing – until you have actually typed every single one of them. Do not worry about your novel being too short or too long when you are completing a first draft, the biggest question in your mind should be whether you can get a full draft down. And the answer to that is yes. You can and you will. Continue reading “5 Tips on Planning Your Novel”