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Publishing Questions and Answers

Having worked in the writing/publishing world for more than ten years, I have noticed massive changes in the way publishing works for both independent and traditionally published authors. After a successful five year indie book campaign, I negotiated a deal with a UK publisher which gave me further insight into this elusive business. But often…

By Carla May 8, 2018 2

Keeping Track of Your Storyline

I regularly like to post helpful advice for writers. Here’s a tip I thought of sharing today as I get stuck into the second draft of my fourth novel. I find this method of keeping track of my FIRST draft really useful. It may not work for you but may work for those of us…

By Carla April 23, 2018 0

The Whitechapel Virgin – Chapter 2

Chapter One can be found here. TWO Catherine Bell hesitated at the tavern doorway. Despite her uneasiness at the sight before her she stood still, watching, for she was tired and the hunger pawed at her belly. After having packed only the lightest case earlier that morning bearing the few worldly items she possessed, she…

By Carla April 2, 2018 0