A Chapter a Week Initiative

March 20, 2018 1 By Carla

I have decided to take part in a new initiative and post a free chapter read a week of one of my novels. In doing this I am inviting more readers to connect with my books whilst offering something for free.

I’ll be posting successive chapters every Monday morning (GMT)  starting with Monday 26th March 2018, here on my website until the book is concluded.

You can read along each week, add comments and any thoughts that you have, which I would appreciate, or if you’d like to read the story in full at any point you can go straight ahead and download the ebook which is available at Amazon. 

The weekly reads are totally free, and in return I would ask nothing more than if you could take a second to share this post on your social stream, (which would help more readers to find it.)

READ a REVIEW of the book here by Jack the Ripper leading expert, producer and actor Mike Covell.

Book Overview

The Whitechapel Virgin.

The story is set in the slums of Whitechapel, London, in the year 1888. The main character is fifteen year old Catherine Bell, a young orphaned girl who late one night stumbles into the safety of a bustling tavern. Catherine is given a room for the evening and invited to stay, but her first experience of the sordid lifestyle that is led within the crumbling walls is in over-hearing an abortion take place in the room beside her.  She quickly learns that the inn also serves as a brothel-house, a decrepit establishment run by the stoically heartless Madame Davenport.

Catherine becomes terrified and expresses her reluctance to stay until she is reminded by Eddie, the tavern’s servant boy, that life on the dangerous streets outside would serve her no better.

Persuaded to stay Catherine becomes drawn into the terrifying world the women occupy. Despite her innocence she tries her best to fit in and befriend some of the prostitutes, only to discover that even though they are little more than common fireside whores, they are also human beings filled with despair, anguish, lost hopes and battered dreams.

When Catherine begins her work she finds herself caught up in desire and fear for her first client, the charming and handsome bachelor Edward Cross. Although he is an eloquent man he harbours a secretive and corrupt agenda of his own by paying the brothel-mistress handsomely to have the virgin girl become his sole mistress.

The story will lead you up to the historically accurate period in british history when the real murders occurred. The unfortunate victims who were brutally slain by Jack the Ripper himself and a man whose name not only trembled upon the lips of every prostitute in Whitechapel, but whom Catherine feared had already crossed her path and is out to make her his next victim.

“The best book I have read for a very long time. The first chapter, less than two pages, sets the book up, and as a reader I hit the ground running. I knew where I was, I knew the major characters, I was ready to explore. The pace of the book did not let me down. The author did an incredible job of getting into the times circa 1888, and into the minds of the whores of Whitechapel of that era. Jack The Ripper was murdering them one by one, the poor girls fears contrasting with their hopes of earlier in the novel. They needed to go out to make money, but would they be murdered? Was it worth it? They had no choice but to walk the streets, or die anyway. A gritty and true to life novel of those times. I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone and everyone: exceptional storytelling. Note: This book is not about Jack the Ripper, it is about his fictional victims.” – Amazon Reviewer.

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