Questions all writers hate!

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Ever wondered what it might be like to be a writer, here is what you can expect:

Questions such as this:

“When are you going to get a proper job?.”

Answer: “Go to hell – I never liked you anyway.”

“Are you pregnant or something, unable to do a normal job?”

Answer: “Yes… well no… well actually – conceiving them is far more fun than pushing them out of my nether regions.”

“Are you famous?”

Answer: Laugh coquettishly and reply, “Would I be talking to you if I were?”

“What do you write about?”

Answer: “um….”

Well any fellow writers out there can add to this list, I am absolutely positive that you might have a few of your own!

3 thoughts on “Questions all writers hate!

  1. Dan Holloway

    Q “Who’s your publisher?”
    A “Me! No I’m not embarrassed. And it’s not full of typos. Oh dear, did something go down the wrong way?”

    Q “What’s your latest book about?”
    A “Er, it’s not really your sort of thing.”
    – “That’s OK, I’m interested”
    – “No you’re not. Tell me about YOU.”
    -“Don’t be shy. Really, I’m interested.”
    – “OK. It’s about a woman who keeps a diary she made from her twin brother’s skin. After she killed him.”
    – “Bleeeuuchhh!” *edges uneasily away*


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