One of my favourite elements of fiction writing is characterisation. Creating believable and rounded characters is a challenge for any new writer or novelist. The one thing I am always asked is what does a character need in order to feel real to a reader. My simple answer is this – flaws.

A writer needs to show human flaws, the inner demons which run through a character’s mind just as they do in real life to each and every one of us. Consistency too is key to creating great fictional characters. If you can develop a character from birth and imbue him with a full personality; human traits and emotions, fears, needs and desires you are working towards a great story.

My third booklet in the Inspire Me Series will be available on Kindle in the coming week and will show you how to effectively create great characters. I offer great tips and exercises that will show you exactly what will make your character live on in your reader’s mind long after he or she has finished your story.