Carla Acheson

Historical Fiction Author

Hi, I’m Carla, a historical fiction author and workshop leader living in Scotland. I have three highly-reviewed novels available at main outlets, Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

I love writing books, not just because they became a source of income, but because they connected me with creative and imaginative people. 



Ten years ago, in my small home town of Gibraltar, I had an ambition. I wanted to write a novel. A really good one!

To be honest, I didn’t really know HOW, or  WHAT I wanted to write, but I never let go of my dream, and once I started writing and learning, I never stopped. 

It was tough, because the small Rock where I lived didn’t have a fiction-writing literary scene. (It didn’t even have a writing group.) So I decided to create one in an effort to meet people and hence, ‘Rock Writers Group’ came to fruition.

I made meaningful connections, not only with aspiring writers but with best-selling novelists, publishers and editors in the UK.

I also created author events and writing competitions in order to help others achieve their goals.


I published my first book after a year of dedicated work and research.

One year after publication The Last Gift reached bestseller rank in a few Historical Fiction categories. 

My initial dream was to sell 50 to 100 books in one year, (a target I thought was impossible.)

Instead, I ended up achieving thousands of sales and great features in mags and newspapers.


So some dreams are possible right?

Even those dreamt on a little Rock.


Today I continue to help and inspire ordinary people. I guide them. I listen. I teach them what I’ve learned and how I did it. Helping people brings me real joy.

I love seeing new writers discover their potential. I know how tough it is to stand out in a crowd and the struggle to have your work appreciated. 


When I am asked about success, I believe that each of us measures success in our own way.

For me it’s not really about winning, or a No 1 spot, or even how many sales I can achieve. (As nice as these things are.)

It’s more about not stepping off the scary unknown journey and there’s a strength that you somehow discover that keeps you going.