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Barbara Bisco, author of two books set in the Asian continent visited the Rock Writers Group at the Elliot hotel recently to catch up with the  writers latest projects and news, and also to tell us about her second novel Night of The Water Spirits.

Barbara’s latest novel ‘Night of The Water Spirit’s’ is an interesting fiction novel set in Thailand, and focuses on the developing relationship between a young girl and her first cousin.

Interestingly Barbara gave little of the plot away but still managed to grab all our attention with some of the juicier titbits revealed in the story.

“I drew many experiences of my travels throughout Asia and used them to create interesting adventures in the book.”

Barbara was joined with publisher Roger Montgomery of Black Lotus Publishing. Her debut novel “‘A Taste for Green Tangerines’ received an exceptional response, and was covered by various UK press and magazine publications such as Women and Home, Red Magazine, and BBC Radio 4.”

Thanks Barbara and Roger for a great evening and hope to see you again next year!




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