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Historical Fiction Author

Barbara Bisco is a well known American author whose novel ‘A Taste for Green Tangerines’ topped the fiction best sellers list in 2010 across all genres in the UK.

The book is set in the luscious backdrop of the Amazon Rainforest, where a group of characters come together to discover not just a community that is at the mercy of greedy loggers and land rippers, but soon enough they begin to discover ‘themselves.’ Described as a saucy romp the book can reveal a few hot dalliances and promising romances amidst its sizzling tropical setting.

Barbara’s book launch in 2010 was attended by various members of the press such as, BBC Radio, ‘Woman and Home’ Magazine, ‘Red’ and The Sunday Times. Barbara was also interviewed by popular TV presenter Vanessa Feltz late last year.

On Tuesday 14th June Barbara will be attending a social event at the Elliot Hotel Verandah bar, Gibraltar organised by myself. Yes, me! Because I think Gibraltar needs a great kick up the nethers when it comes to offering a variety of creative pursuits and opportunities. When was the last time a best-selling author or mainstream publisher visited Gibraltar? Hum de dum! Exactly.

And so joining Barbara will be her London independent publishers, Black Lotus Publishing. Those interested in chatting to Barbara or her publisher about the incredible world of novel-writing are welcome to attend. So if you have a hot book idea set in the rainforest or elsewhere, or a dog-eared manuscript yellowing inside your cupboard for the last ten years, NOW is the time to head down there and mingle.  I of course, will be found over by the little selection of canapes, hogging the best ones before anybody else grabs them!

It is well worth coming along just to meet this lovely lady who by all accounts is so inspirational having realised her writers dream at the age of seventy, (Yes seventy folks!  Though as she readily admits, she feels more like seventy going on twenty,) I am now bending backwards to get my own new book ideas plotted out and harvested!  

Barbara will be signing her book at the event personally, though it is available at all major retail outfits such as WHSmith’s travel outlets, Waterstones Nationwide, Amazon, Gardners Books, Bertrams and Black Lotus Publishing itself, including as a downloadable e-book for the Kindle from 

So come and join Barbara and I for a drink on the 14th! See you there!

For more information on Barbara and Black Lotus Publishing please visit


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