Carla Acheson

Historical Fiction Author

This past week I’ve been writing up some scenes for my next project. The objective idea was to write up an outline and have my characters follow this outline and later incorporate the scenes into my story.


But wait, things didn’t exactly turn out as I had planned, and there’s something really spooky about trying to lead your characters down a set path. I’m sure other writers might experience what I’m talking about. Sooner or later, you begin to discover your characters talking ‘alone’ and you become nothing more than a puppet for their voice.

Something like ‘possession’ only far less terrifying.

It started like this, Catherine was talking to Mr Cross. In the very next sentence he blurts out how much he likes her.
I stop writing.
I check my outline.

That is not what happens next! I continue on, thinking – okay fine, no harm done. I even warn him mentally, please… do not take over my book!!

He does it again a few pages down, this time he decides to go off into a completely different tangent, indulging in thoughts and actions which are way off my chart!

I am dumbfounded as to how characters can decide to eschew the wishes of the writer and go it alone. How dare they?


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