Carla Acheson

Historical Fiction Author

I am inclined at this moment to reveal some of the most important things I’ve learned as a writer, and in no particular order these are:

Detachment from all things, including my book, short story, article etc.

Simply because even though I am attached to what I write, (it is a part of me, solely created by my often stressed-out brain) it also isn’t all THAT to other people.

It is a very critical and loveless eye that looks at your work and so at times.. Detachment… detachment.. is key!

Some things to remember when it gets tough:

  • Understanding that my book won’t write itself.
  • Get off my comfortable sofa position and WRITE even if my fingers stiffen over the keyboard.
  •  It’s hard work, yes it is, but the only alternative is to become a celebrity, and have a ghostwriter pen a very quick Danielle Steele type book.
  • I have learned to ignore the inner voice which tells me that I am no  good.
  • Honesty. With myself mostly. Not expecting to write a work of outstanding success.
  • My ‘voice’ is  unique, it is the only one that I can use, and it won’t sound like Dan Brown, Ann Rice or any other successful author. If my own ‘voice’ is developed and polished enough then it will be heard on its own merit – one hopes!
  • Acceptance – Living with the fact that you can only do what you can do. I’ve read books and cried over them thinking that my life would be wonderful if only I had written that book. 
  • But I prefer to conclude that my book will be no-one else’s!

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