Carla Acheson

Historical Fiction Author

I have often wondered about this concept: Talent. Where does it come from, and if it’s so necessary to progress in the world, why is Posh Spice so rich?

Ok that last comment might be a bit catty, but I’m sure that you know what I’m getting at? The concept of talent also makes me wonder whether it’s something we can actually recognise within ourselves, or is it something only recognised by others? Is it just the product of hard work and the development of some latent ability, or could we all aspire to become geniuses at something if we pledged a life long dedication to perfecting it?

Many questions there, all of which would probably evoke different lines of argument. In writing, I am sure that talent could vary from one degree to another. For instance, I find myself pretty good at creating sentences as making words flow comes easily to me. I know plenty of words, trust me. Mrs Thesaurus Head. Yep, that’s me. Yet, I do think that I have had to work quite hard to make my sentences out to be interesting enough for others to want to read them. I find it hard to gather story ammunition whilst others, and this is proven, can tell an interesting yarn at the bat of an eyelid!

We all have areas in which we excel a little more than others, even within the same field, which is why we often need to go over certain ‘areas’ of our writing which don’t come up to scratch. I find that I don’t have to make too many grammar corrections, yet other things can frustrate me more intensely, such as plot and structure.


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