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Questions and Answers with Avid Reader 

NeverTrustCellphoneWhy a book of short flash fiction stories, and what is flash fiction?

Flash Fiction is one of the things I read a lot. It has become very popular. The stories are usually between 200-1,000 words and can be extremely different in tone and style and many can leave a long- lasting impression. I guess their popularity makes sense for busy people. They are quick to download and read on a bus, train,  lunch or tea break and often for less than the price of a coffee.

I like to follow trends and have noticed how Kindle short stories are becoming more and more popular and it’s a pleasure to explore and then begin the challenge of crafting something of your own that doesn’t take a year to write, like a novel.


Are the stories very different?

They vary in narrative style and genre. It’s interesting to deviate from the very ordinary ‘short story.’ We have a simple blog post, a diary entry, and a modern ‘text message’ ‘story’ inspired by The Twilight Zone.


What binds all these stories together?

A collection of short stories never have to be the same but these all provoke deliberate contemplation, some are introspective, and others reflective. I expect they will resonate differently for readers, and generally favourites might be picked. Other than that they are purposely different in style and tone so the reader has a varied and interesting quick read.


The title and cover is very eye-catching, is it one of the book’s stories?

The cover is a little tongue-in-cheek and in reference to one of the stories inside. I think people will expect a typical 1,000 word horror story and then find themselves surprised. As for the cover itself I decided not to go with the mundane as there are so many covers on kindle to browse, if you don’t have something catchy your chances of selling are diminished.


Which is your favourite entry?

I think each story and narrative resonates with me in some way, but the last one turned out to be the most exciting to complete as I rarely explore the horror genre enough even though I read it a lot. Stephen King inspired that one as it’s a modern twist in a similar vein to The Twilight Zone plane scene. A man on a plane 20,000 high sees something scary and odd at the window. He texts his girlfriend in bed at silly o’clock to tell her, and surprisingly, the phone works. From there the story escalates into panic and confusion where these two people have nothing to believe or trust in but the messages they send to each other.


Do you have one sentence that can sum up this book?


You never know what’s on people’s minds.


This collection of flash fiction short stories is priced at $1.99 and will be available across all Kindle stores.




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