Carla Acheson

Historical Fiction Author

Just a quick little post to let people know that I am running a Creative Writing Group adult workshop at Stockbridge Library, Edinburgh, at the end of each month. The workshop starts at 10:30 to 12:00 and is completely free of charge.

Each month the group will focus on a different element in fiction writing. For more information please contact the library to register your interest.


Carla is a successful historical fiction writer and workshop leader. When her fingers aren’t tapping on piano keys, she’s relentlessly guiding ambitious new writers to the finish line with heaps of inspiring advice and motivational techniques.


5 Things Your Readers Hate

1. AMBIGUITY Basically anything in your story that is uncertain or unclear, or puzzles the reader and really shouldn’t. This doesn’t, by the way, extend to the premise of a ‘whodunnit’ because ambiguity is a great tool used in the crime genre to create suspense.…

You Can Finish Your Book in 2020

Every writer faces worries and doubts during the writing process, but allowing setbacks to prevent you from achieving your goal is the game-changer between finding success and ending up back at the starting line. Here’s some advice on how to tackle these common niggly issues.…