New Ideas and Words, This Autumn.

It’s been a long while since I caught up with you guys. But here I am, once again, full of inspiring new thoughts and ideas. After a lovely summer in Scotland I have finally sat down to work again so there is a new book in the making, one which I hope will please most of my faithful readers. A little bit of news about the book and what it is all about, will be forthcoming in another post.

But isn’t it exciting when the summer ends, and the leaves begin to turn yellow and scatter across the pavement? It reminds us that each year when some things in life die and fade away, memories, feelings, there is always the promise of a new day, a new season and a new journey.

Similarly, there is always the scope for new new stories and a brand new vision in our lives, no matter how good or disappointing our previous ones were. I hope everyone has an uplifting and positive view in the coming months.



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