Carla Acheson

Historical Fiction Author

The big question!

How do you get out of the middle of your book ALIVE?  

Every writer whose attempted to write an entire novel has probably cried somewhere at the middle of their book, (I know I have,) wondering if they will ever get past this confusing section.

The middle of a draft is HARD, especially for beginner writers. Why? Because the middle of a book gives you the most flexibility in terms of telling your story.

It’s a real stopping point of which way now – This way or that?

The problem with GSMs is that most writers don’t have a very good idea of exactly where they want to go.

I mean sure, they want to get “to the other side of the swamp,” but that’s sort of like saying “I want to get to the other side of the continent.”

If that’s you then stop and think! 

Whatever happens, make sure it happens. Don’t abandon your book right there in the middle. 

Take it from an experienced writer. You’ll regret it in years to come and starting again will be so much harder. 



Carla is a successful historical fiction writer and workshop leader. When her fingers aren’t tapping on piano keys, she’s relentlessly guiding ambitious new writers to the finish line with heaps of inspiring advice and motivational techniques.


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