Carla Acheson

Historical Fiction Author

Here are the top five things which really irk me when I’m reading something:

1. Their, They’re and There all mean different things, i.e.

They’re over there!

There are the trees.

Their hats look silly.

I often want to grab a pen and correct these myself whenever I see them.

2. LOL (as in laugh out loud) within a story, and God forbid within the printed pages of a self-published book. Yes, I’ve seen it. Unforgiveable!

3. Weird adverbs or ly words used sillily 😉 I picked up a published book once and turned to the first page; this was the first sentence:

I watched the LED display of the clock on the bedside table flash redly. (Hmm, good job the light was not lilac or blue!)

4. Crazy Dialogue Tags:

(a) ‘Oh My God,’ he screamed aloud.

Firstly, if he screamed we already expect it to be loud, so aloud isn’t necessary. And ‘screamed’ is an over-used dialogue tag in my opinion. I have even seen the tag, ‘he screamed silently.’ (Pardon?)

(b) He stared ahead blackly.

Well I just can’t visualise anyone looking at something blackly or even purpley can you? Strangely, it was the famous Stephenie Meyers who wrote that in her book ‘Twilight.’

5. This last one drives me nuts – ha cliche!

I would of gone out if only I could of.



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