Book Reviews, love ’em or hate ’em.

Book reviews are one of the most important things in the publishing world, without them no-one gets to find out how good or bad a book is. But what’s the most accurate way of an indie author finding out the value of their work without paying through the nose for a literary review?

Why a single review matters so little.

A ‘single’ reader review reflects only what one particular reader thinks of an author’s book. If twenty readers thought that a book was great, but one person reviewed it badly, does that mean that the book is bad?  Hardly! I remember the first review I received on one of my book’s was highly negative. I was distraught, utterly convinced the book was  doomed.  But I was wrong. Some great reviews came hurtling in later on, so don’t tremble as you await that first review, it isn’t worth much on it’s own – really. Wait until you get a few more and then you will see the true impact your book has made. Continue reading “Book Reviews, love ’em or hate ’em.”