The 5 Top Reasons Writers Don’t Write

Some people tell me that they don’t know how to write, possess zero talent, therefore even trying to compete with esteemed writers is a waste of time.

Brilliant! If we all thought like that then we’d have nothing to read in the world.

Let’s go over a few of the most commonly heard complaints that writers make. Continue reading “The 5 Top Reasons Writers Don’t Write”

Getting a Writing Schedule

Being a self-employed (or rather self-imploding) writer it’s often hard to separate work from home life.  I mean how many sit-at- home writers actually manage a decent schedule of their time? Do they do three hours in the morning , break for lunch, maybe another two and then decide that they’ve had enough? Or do they do what I do, and jump around flitting between housework -writing – cooking -writing – eating – writing – sleeping -writing – shopping – writing.

 Need I say more?

I suppose I am more than a little curious here, so if any other writers that pass by care to share, let me know how you manage it. I find it difficult to break away once I am seriously in-the-zone. The main problem is getting into the zone to begin with. It’s like getting in to a cold swimming pool for the first time, you just don’t want to go in there at all, but you know that once you’re in, you’re IN, and there’s no getting you out again, (in a hurry.)

Once you’re in that zone, time seems to catapult ahead of you and before you know it dishes have piled up in the sink, the dog is circling beneath your feet whining like crazy to get out, the take-away menu you promised yourself you would ditch on Jan 1st, suddenly comes out of the drawer. All hell is let loose, and then when you do go to bed you think.. hmm God what a load of buggery-doobas I’ve written down.  I could have slept for those four hours instead. Yep a terrible dilemma, and all for what?

I guess that’s just how the writing life sometimes feels!